Come, connect with Aarli. Slip into the serene stream, join those you know as Barramundi. Swim in the cool waters, see my strength and guile, see how I am one with Mother Earth. Follow my journey from hatchling to wise old fish. I am Totem to many peoples who first walked on this land. I do not claim it as my own, yet draw strength from all that it provides. 

AARLI is a fashion label with a conscience. We care about where and how our garments are made, and each finished piece of upcycled love embodies the connection to our mother, to the concept that the actions you and I take affect many peoples and systems. We choose + follow ethical and fair trade principles. We create garments that are truly individual, sourced entirely from recycled stock. Experimentation with sustainably sourced and ethically produced fabrics has produced a collection that includes organic certified cotton, hemp, PET and recycled nylon lycra. 


All of our packaging, swing tags and business cards are recycled and recyclable.


We'd love you to consider your energy use in the aftercare of your AARLI garments; they can be machine washed in cold water (protected by a pillowcase) for instance with soapnuts or Castille Soap, and air dried, to markedly reduce your energy and resource consumption. Avoid wasting water by not washing your garments unnecessarily - spot clean where possible.